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Often, the need for reports comes in spurts. You may have tight time deadlines without the resources or staff to develop unanticipated reports.  Our ReportSmith experts are available to work with you to get the job done on a timely basis.

Consultative Assistance

We furnish consulting through the Internet or on-site to assist you with designing, developing, or editing reports.  Our experts expand your capacity to generate timely and meaningful reports.

Also, we provide consulting on how to use ReportSmith for your immediate needs.  And, our consulting can include hands-on assistance with particular reports on such as issues macro formulas, derived fields, ReportBasic language, SQL script, and conversion of existing reports to ReportSmith.

Technical Assistance

We furnish technical assistance through the Internet or on-site to assist you with the initial implementation of ReportSmith on a server or client machine.  Also, we are available to assist with questions of using ReportSmith effectively in your particular network or application environment.

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