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ReportSmith's powerful crosstabs permits you to readily and clearly display summary information. 
You can layer multiple rows and columns, and you can directly edit or pivot the data as needed.

ReportSmith permits you to create multiple value crosstabs, such as financial reports that show budget, actual costs, and the variance,
and place dynamic crosstabs in headers and footers.  And, you can create reports containing more than one report format.

ReportSmith shows columns in form reports, multiple crosstabs, or any other combination that you need to clearly present your information. 
You can use the power of ReportSmith to calculate derived fields and summary values in your reports, and to apply aggregate functions,
such as sum, average, minimum, maximum, count, first, and last.

ReportSmith performs multilevel sorts in ascending or descending order, or you can sort by value or custom group specifications.

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