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ReportSmith's WYSIWYG "live" data aids easy report creation as you see your data while you design your report.

Report types include columnar, crosstab, form, and mailing label.  And, you have available all Avery-standard mailing labels.

ReportSmith's predefined report styles combine aesthetics such as typeface, color schemes, borders, and patterns. 
You choose one and your report takes on an attractive and finished look instantly, or you can create your own style for a custom look.
You can view and edit at zoom levels ranging from 25% to 400%. 

ReportSmith's named connection function creates database aliases for point-and-click database access. 

You can easily create field and table name aliases to remember names.

The multiple document interface provides access to multiple reports simultaneously.  Context-sensitive Help puts answers at your fingertips.

ReportSmith's moveable ruler, snap-to grid, and alignment toolbox allow accurate, easy positioning of report objects. 
Drag-and-drop editing facilitates report formatting.

Additional formatting options include widow and orphan control, numerous page-break options, and the ability to hide both detail and repetitive field values. 

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