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Simple, Yet Powerful

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ReportSmith supports unlimited report sizes, even those larger than the memory capacity of the client workstation.

ReportSmith supports unlimited number of tables in a report and has extensive calculation capabilities for summary values, derived fields, and macros.

ReportSmith visually and intuitively links and joins additional data to your report. Composite buttons consolidate common report creation tasks.

You can apply aggregate functions such as sum, average, minimum, maximum, count, first, and last to your data.

ReportSmith performs multilevel sorts in ascending or descending order. It places data fields or summary calculations in your report headers or footers.

Local and server processing options provide increased performance for grouping, summary, and sorting operations.

True Draft Mode option cuts processing time dramatically by using a subset of the larger database during the design of a report.

ReportSmith contains an embedded macro language, which is ReportBasic that gives you the tools you need to build advanced reports.
You can use ReportBasic to create compound reports with multiple embedded objects such as charts, graphs, images,
or sound bites -- and then perform in-place editing.

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