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While ReportSmith is easy to use, "report writing" is a learned skill. Writing reports is easier after you have received training on how to select, array, organize, and present data for a report.  Our training classes are proven and tailored to your needs.

 Basic Training Class

If you have no experience with reporting or ReportSmith, start with this one-day class. The class is an introduction to ReportSmith and training on the skills to use ReportSmith. 

The training class is limited to 6 participants so everyone receives individual attention.  Training can be Internet-based or directly on-site. 

Among the topics typically covered:

Introduction to databases


Overview of editing functions

Introduction to report writing


Overview of math functions

Introduction to the four main types of ReportSmith reports


Introduction to derived fields using SQL

Overview of columnar and crosstab reports


Use of charts, text and graphics in a report

Choosing tables and fields


Inserting fields into a report

Linking tables (when needed)


Formatting reports

How to define selection criteria


Overview of grouping & sorting

How to create report variables


Oview of showing or hiding detail

 Intermediate Training Class

If you have taken the Basic Training Class or have hands-on experience with ReportSmith, continue with this one-day class.  The class offers more in-depth training on more complex skills to use more of ReportSmith's many functions.

The training class is limited to 6 participants so everyone receives individual attention.  Training can be Web-based or directly on-site.

Among the topics typically covered:

Use of more complex SQL derived fields for data grouping


Introduction to ReportBasic, ReportSmith's macro language

Overview of non-duplicate reports


Overview of named connections

Overview of master/detail reports


How to use date manipulation and calculations

Use of more complex selection criteria


How to insert crosstab reports into columnar reports

 Custom Training Class

If your needs are not met by the Basic or Intermediate Classes, then you may benefit from a Custom Training Class.  These classes can be tailored for particular application needs, configuration needs, and more specialized ReportSmith use. 

We conduct these training classes directly on-site to facilitate trainees creating reports with the actual data and configurations that they use every day. The training class is limited to 6 participants so everyone receives individual attention. 

A Custom Training Class can include a half-day or full-day overviews of ReportSmith.  These overviews are especially useful at user group meetings, presentations to sales staff, and other group sessions.

Contact us with your special needs, so we can create a unique Custom Training Class specifically for you.

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